The New Additions on Roku Platform

Roku streaming devices are one of the best streaming devices whether in terms of channels, pricing, content offered by the channels or the features offered by them. Roku setup has the channels selection include both on-demand and live channels in which many are free and many are paid or need a one-time subscription.

Roku Activation Code

If we will say that Roku has the largest collection of channels and the biggest content library to watch than it will not be wrong. But still, Roku is a platform that is ever growing and new additions to this platform are the proof of this. The new additions to the line of channels of Roku include popular networks such as Boomerang, Destination America GO, Discovery Life GO, and DirecTV’s internet TV service DIRECTV NOW. These are the some of the recent entertainment and news based channels that will now be available on Roku platform. You can add these channels from Roku channel store. For some channels activation is essential and for this, you have to go on Roku activation link.

The newly added streaming channels that are free include Buzz Feed News, Wild Westerns, RT, On Two Wheels, Geethanjali Learn Yoga, Nerdaclysm, Techno Buffalo, Baby Boomer TV, and Speck. The new channels that need authentication from the other participating TV service provider include AHC GO, Discovery Life Go, Destination America GO, and Velocity GO. The new subscription based channels that have been added and need authentication also include DirecTV Now, Century Link Stream, Boomerang, Film Struck, and Full Screen.

Here is the complete list of channels that have added recently to the Roku streaming players and Roku TVs and for this, you can also take Roku tech support:

  • AHC GO
  • Baby Boomer TV
  • Boomerang
  • Buzz Feed News
  • Century Link Stream
  • Destination America GO
  • Discovery Life GO
  • Film Struck
  • Full Screen
  • Geethanjali Learn Yoga
  • Nerdaclysm
  • On Two Wheels
  • RT
  • Speck
  • Techno Buffalo
  • Velocity GO
  • Wild Westerns
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