How to Troubleshoot the Issues occurred while Activating Roku Streaming Device?

You must know that in order to activate your Roku streaming player, it must be linked to your Roku Account. The Roku account acts as a storage device which stores all the information such as on which devices you own and which channels you have installed, as well as your preferences and settings you have done. If you have not activated your Roku device with Roku Account and for step by step instructions, just visit our website code activation and get your Roku Activate.

What if you get an error when entering the link code on the website?

At the time when you are trying to activate the Roku player by Roku link Activation and you get an error, then please try to re-enter the code again because there may be a typing error or any other issue such as network issue or system error. If your issue still not resolved tries to do the below steps:

  • Go back to your Roku device and press the star button given on your Roku remote and then select “Get a new code”.
  • When the new link code is displayed on the screen of your TV, go to the website Roku activation link and enter the new code.

What if when you entered the link code and still your Roku device is stuck on the link code screen?

Sometimes, it can take some time to complete the activation process, so be patient and please wait for a few minutes. If the Roku device continues to show the screen with the link code, then you need to try these steps:

  • First of all, make sure you have completed all the steps in order to activate your Roku device.
  • In case, you face the “Error 001” and you see a message “Not Connected” at the upper side of the right corner of your TV screen, then it means that your Roku device is not connected to a network.
  • Tap the Try Again option.

If these above steps don’t work, then visit our website code activation where you got detailed guidelines for Roku Activation. Or for direct assistance, just dial our toll-free number @ 1800-723-9492


How To Get Roku Netflix Activation Code?

Roku is a device which streams all of your music, movies, TV shows, photos, and home videos to your big screen using your Roku players and TVs, for the incredible streaming experience. And when you are done with the setup of Roku then your Roku activation code is authenticated, then after you will be able to access your Netflix account. Roku Account is necessary for streaming the latest Netflix movies and shows. If you still don’t have Roku Account then, just visit code activation and you will get proper guidance step by step to create Roku Account and activate it using activation link code. Netflix channel can only be added when a Roku account is created and activated.

How to Create a Roku Account and Log in Procedures:-

  • Go to the Roku Channel Store and choose your favorite Netflix channel.
  • There may be the situation when you are not able to find Netflix then you can search it in Channel store under Movies and TV category. If you still face an issue, then you can contact our Netflix Channel Setup Tech Help as our professionals will always ready to serve you best.
  • After identifying Netflix, select the channel and add it.
  • When you add the channel, you will be getting a code which is a Roku Activation Code.
  • Then click on the Code and copy it which needs to enter at the Netflix Site to sign in.
  • Once the code gets authenticated, the Roku account will automatically be linked to the Netflix account.

Finally, now you are done with the whole process and you can now stream all your favorite movies and shows on Netflix from your Roku.

Netflix is a kind of platform which provides you the authority to stream all your favorite content which can be your shows, movies, live telecasts. Netflix will be accessed mostly on digital streaming devices with an active internet connection. If you want the Sound quality the best then Netflix 5.1 is available which will be compatible with the sound system 5.1 for the best streaming experience. If you have kids at your house, then, don’t worry Netflix has an option of Parental control using which can disable the number of movies and shows and which will only be viewed on singular profiles. When you enable the parental control, then Netflix will create the profiles.

In case, you are facing glitches and you need further technical assistance regarding Roku Netflix and how to Activate Roku, please call our Roku Link Activation Tech Support team at our toll-free number at +1-844-717-2888 or you can take online assistance at code activation for assistance on Roku activation code.