What is Roku Link Code Activation? +1-844-717-2888

Roku Link Code Activation is a code used in the process for Roku Activation. Roku Account plays a vital role in authenticating Roku. Roku Link Code Activation is a unique code or we can say secret code provided to the user in order to activate the Roku Player. If you are facing trouble in getting your Code or you forgot your pin, then you can get it directly by visiting Roku com/link code activation.

How to activate the Roku account using Roku Link Code Activation?

  • First, you need to connect your Roku player with your TV and power on.
  • An HDMI cable is required in order to connect the Roku set box.
  • Plug-in the one end of the cable with Roku-top-box and another one with the TV.
  • Initiate the strong Internet connection.
  • In case you want to connect wireless connection, you can for this you just need to enter the username and a password for login into the Roku Account.

Roku Account Activation

  • Now, it a time to sign up for Roku account if you don’t have already. If you have already, then you can simply sign-in.
  • First of all, download and install the latest version of the software to operate the Roku player wisely.
  • In order to sign-up your Roku account, just visit the website Roku activation and you will get a Roku Activation Code which is unique code which you have to enter and after entering it, it will automatically activate the Roku account.
  • After all the setup of the Roku account and activation of the account, you are able to access your Roku account, subscribe your favorite Roku channels and can add your favorite channels to your channels list.

If you have any query, directly contact our Roku Setup Tech Help which is a highly skilled panel of experts to whom you can discuss all kinds of your issues related to Roku.

Common Error’s You May Faced While Activating Roku Account

  • Error while entering the code
  • Roku stop streaming
  • Roku player is not connecting to Wi-Fi network.
  • Unable to Set up Roku
  • Roku Activation code is not displayed on the TV screen
  • Device stop responding when entered the Roku code
  • Facing Issue in adding new channels in your Roku account

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How to Create the PIN Code For Your Roku Account?

Here we have considered that you have subscribed to your favorite channels or buying movies, shows or make other purchases from the Roku Channel Store. However, you don’t want that any unauthorized user can access your Roku or purchase items from the Roku Channel store then, you can secure your Roku by creating a PIN in order to prevent your Roku from unauthorized users at your home. Once your PIN has been created, then you have to enter the PIN while accessing your Roku channel store before any transaction.

Now, what you need to do?

  • First of all, go to my.roku.com from your computer or Smartphone.
  • If you are already triggered, then sign in to your Roku account.
  • If you are unable to sign in to your Roku account, then you can take direct assistance from our Roku Setup Help team which will guide you complete step by step with activation.
  • Now, under the PIN domain, select the Update button.
  • You can select your PIN preference from the below options.
  1. Enable the PIN option always when to make purchases and to add items from the Roku Channel Store.
  2. A PIN is not required to make any purchase or add any item from the Channel Store.
  3. Always require a PIN to make purchases.

When you select either of the first two choices and you have not created a PIN yet, then you will be asked to enter a four-digit number in the PIN field and select the Verification PIN field for the confirmation.

And, if you have already generated a PIN, then enter your PIN in the Verification PIN field and select Save Changes and agree to the terms of service.

If you have any query or any issue while linking your Roku Account then you can contact Roku Activation Link Support team which will support you properly in activating your Roku code and other services efficiently.

How to Set Up Hulu on Roku?

Hulu is one of the apex and best streaming channels available on the channel store of your Roku. There is unlimited subscription offers available for the users to stream popular movies, current and past TV shows and programs on your device with wireless internet connectivity.

An active internet connection is vital in order to set up a Hulu channel on your Roku device and enjoy streaming movies and favorite shows. There are various ways of setting up Hulu on your Roku:

  • Activate Hulu from your Roku device.
  • Activate Hulu on the web.
  • Subscribe Hulu uses Roku mobile app.

To Activate Hulu from your Roku device

  • First of all, press the home button on your Roku remote control.
  • Now, Open the channel store and select the streaming channel option.
  • Go to the search bar and type Hulu.

In order to activate the Hulu channel, you need to subscribe to your Roku device. For subscription, you need to sign in to your Roku Account, and if you don’t have Roku Account then please visit our website Roku.com/link code activation or call to our Roku Setup Technical Help at +1-844-717-2888  which will guide you in creating your account and activate the Roku link.

Activate Hulu on the web

This is the alternative method to set up Hulu on Roku device. To implement this Roku account is necessary. In order to activate the Hulu app online, you have to enter the activation code or Login with your Hulu credentials if you have. Follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the account page and login to your Roku account.
  • Search Hulu on your search channel box and now you are able to subscribe the channel after entering the respective PIN code.
  • If you do not have your PIN CODE, then visit our website Roku.com/link code activation and get your code.

Subscribe Hulu uses Roku mobile app

Hulu subscription can be done by installing a Roku mobile app. Follow the instructions below:

Firstly, download and install the Roku mobile app on your device.
Then, from the navigation bar, go to the channel icon.
Now, select Channel store from the channel tab.
Select the option “Add Channel” and follow the instructions given on your screen to subscribe the channel.
Now, enter the activation code received by you during Roku Activation process.

In case, you are facing issues in getting activation code for your Roku Account and setting up a Hulu channel on your Roku device, then please feel free to call our Roku Activation Code Services on our toll-free numbers at +1-844-717-2888 and our Roku Activation Link Support team will assist you with all your issues related to your Roku device.